What do I do if I lose my Medocare ID card?

Kindly inform the Head Office and submit an Affidavit of Loss and any valid ID plus P60 to defray the cost of the new ID.

Are your hotlines available even at midnight?

Our Call Center operates 24/7 and is manned by our Customer Relations Officers who are highly trained to assist you in any of your medical availments.

"What if I don't get hospitalized within the year of my plan? Sayang lang ang ibinayad ko!"

That means you’re healthy, and everybody is always thankful when he/she is healthy. The card is there to give you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about financial limitations during a medical emergency when such resource becomes
urgently needed.

Will my medical expenses done abroad be covered by Medocare?

There is no coverage for medical expenses incurred outside of the Philippines. However, for contracts with specific coverage abroad, it shall be on a reimbursement basis.

Can I just enroll my children only?

For married employees, the spouse should be enrolled first before the children. For single employees, the parents must be enrolled first before the siblings.

Is it possible to go to just any doctor or hospital?

Under HMO practices, availments should only be with an accredited hospital and accredited doctor. While you may go to any doctor or hospital you prefer, availments through them are not covered under the program. Furthermore, your preferred doctor who is not accredited will not honor your health card. Laboratory exams and/or procedures requested by non accredited physicians shall not be covered under the program.

Do you have maternity coverage?

Only pre-natal and post-natal check-ups are covered. Laboratory examinations or procedures related to the maternity condition are not covered under the program.

What is the function of a Medocare Medical Coordinator?

A duly licensed physician designated by Medocare to direct & supervise the provision of medical services to Members in affiliated hospitals. A member may also seek medical consultation, and from whom the Member may request for
referrals to specialist or request for laboratory examination and hospitalization arrangement.

What can I do if upon admission, there are no available rooms corresponding to my plan?

If it is non-emergency or elective admission, you can request that your surgery be re-scheduled or transfer to another accredited hospital/clinic. If you opt not to transfer, you can occupy a lower room category and will not be charged any incremental cost. You can also occupy a higher room category except suite room and pay for the excess in room and board and the incremental costs. If in an emergency situation where confinement is medically necessary, Medocare shall cover the excess in room and board, as well as any incidental incremental cost during the first 24-hours. After 24 hours and the patient still has not transferred, the patient shall shoulder all excess and incremental cost regardless whether there’s still no available room corresponding to your plan.

If I want to consult with a particular specialist, can I proceed directly to his/her clinic?

For proper management of your healthcare needs, as a standard procedure, you should first consult with the Medocare Coordinator designated in the hospital/clinic. The coordinator will act as the primary care physician who will assess and render appropriate management of your medical concerns. If deemed warranted, he/she will refer you to a Medocare-accredited specialist for further evaluation and management.