Medocare has more than 300 hospitals nationwide that are ready to provide care for patients whose medical problem requires confinement or close monitoring. Depending on the type of plan appropriated the following in-patient services may apply when hospitalization is deemed medically necessary:


  1. No deposit upon admission
  2. Room and Board according to type of enrollment
  3. Use of operating, delivery and recovery rooms
  4. Services of Medocare accredited specialists
  5. Type of anesthesia deemed necessary in a surgical procedure
  6. Blood transfusions and Intravenous fluids including cost of blood products
  7. Complex and non-complex diagnostic examinations
  8. Administered medicines
  9. Dressings, plaster casts, sutures and other items directly related to the management of the patient
  10. ICU confinement, Chemotherapy, radiation therapy, physical and speech therapy, dialysis
  11. All other items related to the management of the illness or injuries