August 07, 2014

Being a Coast Guardman we are all bound to safeguard the country’s coastal waters, protect the marine environment and save life and property at sea. But performing such sworn noble profession might put every Coast Guardman’s health at risk. Likewise, we cannot avoid our family members, especially those exposed to stress or problems, from any illnesses or diseases.

So to have a peace of mind, make sure that you and your family are protected, health-wise and financially, by having a health insurance membership. 

What can health insurance do for you?

Health insurance will ease your burden due to the increasing costs of medicine and medical services whenever you and your family members have illness or diseases. It also prevents you from filing loans with any financial institution to address your healthcare needs since being a member of health insurance you’re already saving money that you can use during emergency cases or if you need to have medical consultations.

Thus, the command partnered with one of the country’s leading HMOs, MEDOCARE, to help you and your family meet your healthcare needs thru a PCG Family Healthcare Program which offers the following:

Annual Physical Examination (APE)                                 Preventive Health Care Services
Dental Services                                 Out-Patient Care Services
Hospitalization Services                                 Emergency Care Services
Congenital Disease Coverage                                 Financial Assistance

Membership is voluntary and does not only cover you but also the two (2) members of your family with an easy payment scheme thru salary deduction. Following are the premiums to choose from for a period of one (1) year effective 21 October 2014 until 20 October 2015:

Room & Board Premium Annual Benefit Limit (ABL)
Large Private P 1,330.00/month 150k
Regular Private P 950.00/month 100k
Semi-Private P 780.00/month 80k
Ward P 670.00/month 60k

So choose your premium now! Renew or be a member of one of the country’s leading Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), the MEDOCARE Health Systems Inc.

For more information, you may call SW2 Leah P Escatron PCG of O/CG-1 at Tel. No. 527-8481 loc 6112 or email at cg1@coastguard.gov.ph.